This privacy notice tells you what to expect when WellFound collects personal information. It applies to information we collect about:

Visitors to our website;
People who interact with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube);
People who receive our regular email newsletter;
People who make donations, either one-off or recurring;
People who volunteer for WellFound;
Job applicants and current and former employees;

Visitors to our website

When someone visits we use a third-party service, Jetpack for Wordpress, to find out things like the aggregate number of visitors to different parts of the site. We do not make any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting our website or to track individual behaviour patterns.There are only two places where personal data is collected:

If a user chooses to make a comment on a page in which case the email address collected is only used for possible correspondence and follow-up about that comment;
If a user signs up to receive newsletters in which case the user's name and email address is stored and used in MailChimp, our newsletter email system – see further details below in the section about our newsletter.

Only two cookies are placed on your computer when you browse our site, both by the third-party service Wordfence for Wordpress which manages site security, preventing hacking and blocking access from suspicious IP addresses, and both cookies are used for this purpose.

People who interact with us on social media

We have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We do not collect any personal data other than that which is collected by the social media service itself. The reader is referred to the privacy policies of the social media platforms.

People who receive our regular email newsletter

We email a newsletter to supporters who choose to receive it six to eight times a year. We useMailChimp to manage the distribution list and to send out the newsletters. Supporters names and email addresses are stored in MailChimp only for sending newsletters. Supporters choose to be on the mailing list by filling in the form on our website ( or by otherwise notifying us. Each newsletter contains a clear option to unsubscribe from future newsletters. At anytime, supporters can contact us on ask to be removed from the distribution list. The information is kept on our distribution list until the person asks to be removed.

People who make donations, either one-off or recurring

We have several ways for people to make donations including:

Cheque, BACS transfer, or standing order to our Barclays Bank account.
Online giving via either Virgin Money, BT MyDonate, GlobalGiving or the BigGive.

Other than for anonymous cash donations we will store the name of the donor, address (where given), email address (where given) and the amount given on our Salesforce system which we use as our supporter database. Unless the donor has requested no contact, we will use this information to send an acknowledgement and thank you. Information is retained on Salesforce for six years after the last donation for accounting purposes.Readers are also referred to the privacy policies of Virgin Money, BT MyDonate, GlobalGiving and theBigGive if they chose to donate through these routes.Any of the above types of donation can be gift aided. For cash, cheque, BACS and standing order we will keep the statutory declaration in hard copy form in our Greenford office for six years. For gift aided donations via Virgin, BT, or the BigGive, they deal with the Gift Aid reclaim and we keep no additional personal data.

People who volunteer for WellFound

For people applying to volunteer, those already volunteering, and past volunteers, we hold the following information: CV's, name, address, email address, phone number, emergency contact details. We also use various recruitment websites including and for advertising and receiving applications, and readers are also referred to the privacy policy of those websites. Paper information is kept in our office in Greenford, and electronic information on our Office 365system. Information is retained for two years after the last volunteer assignment.

Job applicants and current and former employees

We use several websites to advertise jobs including and in all cases readers are referred to the privacy policy of the third-party website.We will retain the following information for 6 years following the end of an employment contract (in the case of successful applicants) and for 6 months following an unsuccessful application:

Name, address, phone number, email address, CV, date of birth, emergency contact details.
In addition, for current and former employees, we also retain the following for six years:
Passport and visa details (where necessary to arrange travel), financial details including bank, NI, tax and pension details, contract and associated signed WellFound policies, references, appraisals, work permits, leave record, sickness record, DBS check.
Information is kept in paper form in our Greenford office and electronically on our Office 365 system.

Contacting us

For further information please contact us on