About Us
Why WellFound Was Formed.
In 2005, Howard Measham witnessed the suffering and hardship faced by disadvantaged communities in Romania due to lack of clean water. This led him to place several of his own properties into a trust – the Measham Family Christian Foundation – solely to support relief work through the provision of clean water.

Since then, WellFound has focussed its work in Africa, where the need is equally great. Rental income from the properties in trust now supports all administrative and operational costs in the UK, and also provides match-funding for work in Africa.

This allows us to commit to donors that 100% of their money will go towards work in Africa with no deduction for administration or salaries in the UK.
Please click the video to listen to Howard Measham (founder) about why he formed WellFound.
You can read about our great team and our trustees here.
WellFound works in villages for up to three years until communities are self-sufficient and can maintain new water infrastructure and resources. 
For WellFound, it is about more than just providing people with water. We recognise the power of water and the opportunity it brings to deliver lasting change.
Access to fresh water decreases water-borne diseases. The wells and latrines WellFound have helped to install are saving lives every day.
Building Sustainable Infrastructure
The wells that we have been able to construct in countries across Western Africa have transformed lives and led to more opportunity for thousands.
Transferring Vital Skills
Your support can make all the difference in training young people with skills to maintain the new resources we assist to provide and deliver enduring change in Western Africa.
Developing Sustainable Communities
We build relationships with local people to empower them socially and financially. Particularly in promoting market gardens, where sustainable produce is grown to benefit entire villages.
Promoting Good Health
The installation of wells and latrines has made a significant difference to hygiene and sanitation in many of the villages we work in. It has aided in reducing the spread of disease and has allowed people to live healthier and more dignified lives.
Delivering Long Term Change
Our mission is to deliver sustainable, long-lasting support to communities which will enable them to unleash their full potential.
Living No One Behind
We focus on remote parts of Western Africa where other local and international organisations are not present – this is where people are often in the most need.

Where We Work

We focus our work in remote villages of West Africa, generally where other similar local and international organisations are present. Over the years we have worked in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and Kenya.  

Where The Money Goes

Our commitment is that 100% of all donations go directly to projects on the ground in Africa. We have big ambitions about what we can achieve and hope you will help us to keep transforming lives. 

You can read about our great team and our trustees here.