Where Are We Working in 2017?

September 4, 2017

WellFound will always remain in contact with villages where we work for three years. This is to make sure that the facilities we provide continue to be maintained and used by the villages.

But in addition to continuing to support previous villages, in Summer 2017 we started work with three villages for the first time: Cali, Wapte and Paile.

You can read more about the situation and progress in each village by clicking on these links:

Or you may be interested in where these villages are located in Guinea-Bissau. You can use this Google Map to zoom out to see the general orientation of the country, or you can zoom in to see the actual rooftops of the huts in the three villages. (The small symbol to the left of “Guinea Bissau 2017” will reveal the legend for the map and the names of the villages)

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