Two Weeks To Go...

November 14, 2017

We are continuing to look at three villages where we have worked in the past.

This will give you an idea what we can achieve together in the “Big Give” village in Guinea-Bissau. You can read about our planned project here: Water, making a world of difference

It’s now only two weeks until #givingTuesday which is when donations to the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017 will open.

All donations made to WellFound via the Big Give for seven days from 12 noon on Tuesday 28th November will be doubled at no cost to you, the donor. And all the money will go towards work in the “Big Give” village in Guinea-Bissau in 2018.

This week we will look at Bissunaga. This is a larger village of over 2,000 people at the end of a 11km dirt track through the fields. During the rainy season this turns into mud and standing water.

I visited Bissunaga first in April 2015, before WellFound had started work. We asked where they got their water from and we were led off on a 30 minute hike through the heat of the day, and eventually reached at shallow pit containing milky water.

I went back to Bissunaga in September 2017 and the village is transformed. There is a good working well right in the middle of the village, and while we were there it was populated by a crowd of happy smiling adults and children.

We employ a local nurse who works with the women and children in particular, teaching them the importance of good hygiene. Whilst I was there I saw just how much interaction we have with the villagers, and how well they listen and follow what our nurse has to say.

We believe interaction and engagement with the villagers is vital to ensure they get the maximum benefit from the facilities which we are able to provide with your help.

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