Guinea Bissau - 2023 Visit

March 20, 2023

“WellFound’s work is very magical”.

Here are some of the many fantastic community updates and new project insights from the February - March 2023 trip to Guinea-Bissau and Senegal by Dr Antony Kingsley.

Village Successes

We were very pleased to see the villages where WellFound has worked continue to show excellent progress. All communities have eagerly adopted the market garden scheme. The gardens are fruitful, well-kept and thriving, providing an additional source of food and income for the communities. We were also impressed with how the women of several communities have adopted savings schemes. These have enabled fruitful start-ups of new businesses in the local communities, as well as improving financial education. Our priority of enabling access to safe drinking water has also had a dramatic impact across all villages. They now continue to source clean water from the wells we installed and are keeping them in order. They have also adopted better hygiene and sanitation routines as a result of our focus on education. We are delighted to have received feedback that “WellFound’s work is very magical”, as no other organisations are able to achieve such a level of community engagement.

Japanese Embassy Programme

WellFound is really pleased to collaborate with the Japanese Embassy in Dakar, Senegal on a project to support six villages in Guinea Bissau in the coming year. It’s a fantastic milestone for WellFound. The support from this grant will partially fund the programme. As is the case with all grants we receive, we commit to provide some of our own funding into the programme and for this we use donations generously provided by members of the public.

Plan International prospective partnership

WellFound and Plan International, an independent development and humanitarian organisation, are exploring options to work together in the remotest villages of Guinea-Bissau. Our specific goal is to focus on the water and agricultural aspects of future projects. On site in Guinea-Bissau, the Business Development Manager from Plan International and other key staff were extremely impressed with the community engagement and ownership that WellFound was able to bring.

US delegates meeting

On the 9th March 2023, WellFound representatives had a meeting in Senegal with US delegates from the Embassy as well as the USAID programme. They personally thanked WellFound for the wonderful opportunity to witness the work we do. We were delighted to hear that the villages they saw are the model which USAID wanted to achieve themselves. They are fully committed to supporting WellFound to achieve its funding and programme objectives. During the meeting, we had great discussions about our methodology, sustainability, scalability, and our approach to partnership. From this meeting, WellFound was invited to apply for climate resilience work.

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