Action4Schools and WellFound Partnership

February 6, 2024

Action4Schools is a charity based in Gibraltar ( ) that aims to provide a better environment in schools and improve education in remote Sierra Leone. WellFound and Action4Schools share many of the same goals, such as providing a clean source of water, adequate sanitation facilities and improve health and wellbeing across Sierra Leone. Therefore, in 2018 the two charities joined forces so that their actions turn hopes into reality.

Gibraltar charity Action4Schools to provide water to 4-5000 people in Sierra Leone in early 2022

WellFound Founder: Howard Measham Action4Schools Founder: Jimmy Bruzon WellFound and Action4Schools have fostered fantastic communication and cooperation, adhering to their mutual pledge of creating wells for clean and safe drinking water. Across numerous projects, both teams continue to exchange valuable skills, knowledge and experience on ground. WellFound has also supported Action4Schools’ prior projects by inspecting some of their wells they created, in order to ensure they are functioning well. Meanwhile, Action4Schools has established links with numerous schools that WellFound has been in contact with.

WellFound being the local delivery partner, with skilled staff who supervise, create systems to maintain the wells, and make sure it is kept in good order, means that access to water becomes the priority of the community. Through their successful partnership, Action4Schools and WellFound have bought clean water for 27 remote schools and villages in Sierra Leone benefiting over 10,000 people.

1. Mokolloh

2. Mojanna

3. Moyibo (1)

4. Moyibo (2)

5. Robekeh

6. Orphanage School Rontoke

7. Mosawa

8. Ngeihun

9. Ics School, Mosam

10. Gbonjema (1)

11. Gbonjema (2)

12. Mofantaneh

13. Monsanto

14. Lipalai

15. Momaya

16. Borma

17. ICS School, Mosankone

18. UMC School, Mopaileh

19. UMC School, Mokelleh

20. MDEC School, Mokandor

21. Bonday

22. Moyengie

23. Rontoke

24. Mohaa

25. Bandajuma

26. Tengbelor

27. Motimpeh

… and counting!

With such a well-functioning and prosperous relationship, WellFound and Action4Schools’ collaboration has continued to be efficient and effective. Both charities look forward to a lot more plans and projects together. See more collaborations here:

Action4schools & WellFound will partner to build 10 new water well projects during 2024. JimmyBruzon (Founder) & Antony Kinglsey (CEO) met in October at an AIDEX Geneva 2023

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