A WellFound Supporter Sees For Herself

March 4, 2017

I have been fundraising for WellFound for 6 or 7 years, not very successfully. I decided that I would be more effective if I had stories with names and photos of people I had personally met. So I decided to go to Guinea Bissau to see the work for myself.

The first part of the trip was spent visiting projects on the islands. I met people in every village and all the feedback I received from the villagers was positive. I saw for myself the market gardens full of vegetables. I heard about the reduction in diarrhoeal diseases and malaria that were the direct result of hygiene training and the building of latrines. I was told of the joy that having clean water generated.

The story was the same during the second part of my visit, on the mainland. I was very impressed when I went to a village where the money donated by one of the churches that I had spoken at had been spent. It was very special when I was able to return to that church when I got back and show them what had been achieved with their help.

Towards the end of my visit I went to three villages who each wanted WellFound to work in their village. However, there were only enough funds for one project. I was asked which village should have fresh water and which two would not. That was the greatest incentive to raise more money.

I was very impressed with the way projects were managed and overseen. I was impressed with the dedication of the staff and the fact that no money was being wasted. The whole operation is well designed and thought through. Well done WellFound.

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