A Satellite View Of WellFound's Work

January 1, 2023

A Satellite Picture Of WellFound's Work

As we took stock at the start of 2023, we plotted all the villages where WellFound has worked in Guinea-Bissau since 2015 on Google maps. You can see the result in the map below.

Click here to go to Google Maps.

These markers represent almost 54,000 people who now have access to clean water and the opportunity to transform their lives.

Zoom in on the map in satellite view and explore what you can find. As an example, find the village of Ampintcha on the island of Carache. You can clearly see the distinctive layout of their market garden, a 50m x 50m fenced area with strips of crops. At the request of the women the market garden is set slightly apart from the village to give them a more private social space as well as a place to grow vegetables.

The colours of the markers show the majority donor for the village, but in every case their funds have been matched by WellFound using the money given by our supporters all over the world.

Overall WellFound has worked in Guinea-Bissau since 2009 and we have helped almost 89,000 people get access to fresh water in this country alone.

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